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  • New: Dedicated Server EX130
  • Powerhouse for high demands

24-core CPU and up to 512 GB of DDR5 RAM. For applications such as virtualisation, AI workloads or big data analytics.

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  • #hetzner4gamers
  • Next level gaming

Boost your gaming experience with Hetzner

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  • Pure power at
  • impossibly low prices
  • New dedicated cloud plans

The scalable cloud solution with unshared vCPU power, ideal for production workloads.

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  • Most Admired Cloud
  • Experience the Hetzner Cloud difference!

According to a survey by Stack Overflow, Hetzner is the cloud platform developers want to work with. Try the unparalleled performance that sets us apart from the rest.

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Server Auction

Prices drop & excitement mounts. Place bids in our Server Auction!

Starting at € 32.13

Dedicated Server

Dedicated root servers to meet any need. Top performance with an excellent connection.

Starting at € 44.39


A little money gets you lots of cloud. Flexible cloud servers with high-end-hardware.

Starting at € 4.51

Managed Servers

Stress-free server connection. We‘ll take care of the technical stuff.

Starting at € 37.96

Web hosting

The quick and cheap way to your own homepage. Prices for beginners and businesses.

Starting at € 2.09

Storage Share

Easily store and share files. Access your data at any time and from any place with Storage Share.

Starting at € 5.11

Storage Boxes

Access your storage from everywhere and at any time via PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Starting at € 3.81


State-of-the-art infrastructure for your project. A range of colocation racks to choose from.

Starting at € 119.00

Custom Solutions

Because your business isn’t one size fits all. Get the tailored setup and hardware you need.

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  • Server auction

  • The clock is ticking!

It's this easy:

  • 1. Enter your desired hardware specification.
  • 2. Compare offers.
  • 3. Keep an eye on price changes.
  • 4. Snap up your offer.

But, don't wait too long or somebody else might beat you to the bargain.

Reduction in:
For more information, see our Server Auction

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  • 7. November 2023

    New Dedicated Server DX153 with Dell dependability

    The Dedicated Server DX153 has arrived, and compliments Hetzner’s recently revamped line of servers based on Dell’s reputable hardware.

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  • 25. October 2023

    New Dedicated Server EX130 cuts through modern workloads

    Hetzner has strengthened its server selection with the strapping Dedicated Server EX130, which comes in two versions.

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  • 23. August 2023

    New dedicated vCPU cloud servers with AMD Epyc™ cpus at a sensational price!

    We would like to introduce you to our latest line of six dedicated vCPU Cloud servers.

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Press Releases

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  • Gunzenhausen / Germany – 25. October 2023

    New Dedicated Server EX130 cuts through modern workloads

    Hetzner Online, the German hoster and data center operator, has strengthened its server selection with the strapping Dedicated Server EX130, which comes in two versions.

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  • Gunzenhausen/Germany – 6. October 2023

    Create a game in 48 hours: Hetzner invites to game jam

    From 27 - 29 October 2023, up to 60 game enthusiasts will get together at Hetzner Online, the hosting and cloud provider, to create computer games in 48 hours that…

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  • Gunzenhausen/Germany – 4. September 2023

    Hetzner Online welcomes new apprentices in Gunzenhausen and Nuremberg

    For five young adults, their very first workday took place at Hetzner Online, the web hosting provider and data center operator, at its headquarters in Gunzenhausen and at its data…

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